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 The Conservative Party (CP-USA) asks all Americans to help
revive and sustain our economy by purchasing products made in
the United States whenever possible.



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The Conservative Party USA takes a strong position
on protecting our nation’s Judeo-Christian ethic;
i.e. morals, charity, marriage, sanctity of life, honesty, the power of prayer, etc.



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The Conservative Party firmly embraces in the concept of American Exceptionalism. We also believe the United States has contributed more to the political, economic and financial betterment of the human condition than any previous collection of nations. The Conservative Party’s Platform affirms this belief.
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One of the first functions of a constitutional government sovereign from other nations is to protect its citizens from all forms of conflict with a standing military.  The Conservative Party stands 100% in support of our nation’s military.


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Family formation in marriage is between one man and one woman, the exclusive conduct of which is reserved to them by nature including their right to have and educate their children and rises from the beginning of time and is an unalienable right.

The Conservative Party will rectify the consistent failures and corruption of the current two-party system. The Conservative Party will impose fiscal discipline, restrain the reach of the federal government as outlined in the Constitution and defend America’s traditional family values.


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Federal Employees hindering Trump’s orders - Federal employees colluding with Obama left overs should be immediately fired. dailycaller.com/2017/02/01/fed-employees-coordinate-with-obama-offici als-to-thwart-trump-initiatives/
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It’s time to “Come Home America” and our home is Pennsylvania..
The time has come for true Conservatives and like-minded Independents to secede from their respective parties and join the Conservative Party of the United States.The present political establishment in Washington has consistently failed to hold to the principles of our Founding Fathers and can no longer be considered a legitimate representative of traditional American conservative values. This failure is the result of what has become a politically incestuous society dominated by the two major political parties, staff, and those who lobby.The Mission of the Conservative Party is to promote and protect individual rights and freedoms set forth in the U.S. Constitution and to limit the scope of Federal government authority and spending. We believe that the only way to achieve success in our mission is to return political activity to the local scene. Read More Here j

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