Start a Caucus

Start a Caucus Movement
The Pennsylvania Conservative Party believes that a return to the informality of the political Caucus is the answer to building an effective and lasting conservative political party. We embrace the establishing of grass-roots organizations in each county, building the Party from the bottom up. The mechanics of re-establishing the limits and boundaries of government must start at the local level.

The process begins by first acknowledging our human nature to gather. Anthropologists commonly cite evidence that even the most primitive people commonly adopted an assembly of sorts to “talk.”

From these rudimentary “talks,” common sense conclusions become instinctively clear; there is a creator, justice must be served, parents are to be honored, and human rights are to be respected.

We Americans point to a proud point in our past where gatherings of patriots produced the Declaration of Independence. We still read about the after-hour, informal meetings of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and others who were struggling to break from British oppression. This type of private informal meeting of supporters or members of a political party or movement to discuss issues became known as a political caucus.

When John Adams became intransigent in his views, failing to accommodate others in the Continental Congress’s break from the British, it was Benjamin Franklin who advised him to gain approval of his peers by speaking to them informally away from the Congress. Today, it is very American, when inter-personal obstacles are encountered, to say, “How about we meet for coffee?”

There are a number of ways in which the caucus has traditionally been used in the political process: in some states, the caucus is an election primary; in other states, the caucus is a simple gathering of neighbors in the nature of a club to “talk politics” and enjoy companionship. In either case, the root of the caucus is about people gathered to participate in the political process in order to develop knowledge and skills to effect better government.

While the Pennsylvania Conservative Party will not tamper with the legal methods of political conduct of the respective counties, its focus will be to foster the formation of neighborhood caucus groups that embody the conservative spirit.

America needs an immediate return to the founding documents of this nation. Poll after poll reflects that Conservatives reflect the common-sense values of Americans everywhere and in great number. Ordinary Americans have over time learned to organize themselves in such ways as local Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs, Book Clubs, Church Assemblies, School Parent Associations, Sport Booster Clubs, and the like. The Pennsylvania Conservative Party asserts that political action organizational skills are inherent in “We the People” and can be harnessed by the creation and expansion of the Conservative neighborhood caucus to build political momentum to effect the “re-establishment” of our government to its founding principles.

The Pennsylvania Conservative Party sends the appeal to our voters to start a neighborhood caucus. Meet and talk about America’s needs. This party makes no special demands upon your caucus to act in its name except you faithfully strive to, as we say at the outset, “Re-establish the limits and boundaries of Government as framed by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.”