Voter Registration

The right to vote is not a simple matter.   In addition to the election laws of the 50 states, there are over 3,000 counties and almost 8,000 local centers of election activity in the United States. What we hope to do here is to detail in simple terms why and how to register “Conservative” in Pennsylvania. Party affiliation, simply stated, is a party “preference.”A political party is all about “values.”  If the societal values of a particular party meet in the main your values, then it is reasonable to say that you should register with that party.  But it is important to note that being registered does not mean you are a “dues paying” member of a party. The “dues paying” aspect is not a requirement to voting at your precinct. So, it begs the question, “What is the reason for indicating party preference?”A general election is normally preceded by “Preference Primaries” where each party selects a sole candidate. In theory, the candidate should represent the core values of the party’s registered voters.  Over the years, the core values set forth by the Founding Fathers of this nation no longer find their way into the “preference” values of the dominant political parties. Often disgruntled, conservative voters re-register as Independents. Not good, for this reason.

The concept of indicating party preference is a good one because it frames national values.  Registering Independent is a mistake that prevents identifying Conservatives in the electorate.  The answer is for the Conservative to register Conservative Party. Like the Independent, the Conservative can not vote in a “preference” primary, but the good it does is to voice to others in the political universe why the change was made. The change was made because it gives “preference” to the Conservative Party that exhibits the conservative values set forth by our Founding Fathers.

So, “How do I register Conservative?”

Complete the APPLICATION FOR CHANGE OF PARTY AFFILIATION which can be down-loaded here: (under construction). Be certain that you circle “Conservative Party” which follows after OTHER in the new party selection area of the form.

Then, mail the completed form to your County Election Official who can be found here: (under construction)