Kohan – Chairman of Conservative Party of Pennsylvania

Marcus M. Kohan
Chairman – Conservative Party of Pennsylvania
Marcus Kohan - Chairman
Marcus M. Kohan grew up in Irwin, Pa, a small town 25 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Pa. He built his life and career around Industry like many people in this part of the country. He believes that manufacturing and Industry built this nation. He believes this is our life-blood.Marcus went to Penn State University and majored in Aerospace engineering. He later changed to Mechanical engineering and Business Administration. He transferred to Indiana University of Pa and was recruited by General Motors. After a short relationship with GM, Marcus decided to pursue an opportunity in Professional Golf. He turned Professional in 1981 and joined the PGA of America in 1983. He continued to play and teach professionally until 1987.

His family continued to grow and Marcus decided once again to return home to his roots in Manufacturing. He started his own business as an independent contractor and became a sales engineer for a manufacturing company in Ohio. Marcus started out working a 3 state area and produced 1 million in new sales. Today his company represents 6 manufacturing facilities that produce over 17 million in sales annually and he works on the Global scale. His accomplishments include 2 degrees in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering. Marcus holds certificates in Machining, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems, Welding, Electrical, and Metallurgy. He also completed Dale Carnegie Leadership training. He represents Manufacturers to Companies around the world and services everyone involved including company Presidents to company Employees, Union and Non-Union.

Marcus is also a NRA certified firearms Training Counselor and a strong Advocate for 2nd Amendments rights. He believes that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the Supreme Law of the Land. He believes that the Government works for the People. Marcus also serves as a Pennsylvania State Constable and Pennsylvania State Security Agent who trains Law-enforcement and Civilians in all disciplines of safe firearm handling and marksmanship.

Marcus and his wife Dawn live in Mercer, Pa and have 5 children and 12 grand-children. They believe in Conservative moral values and Conservative Fiscal responsibility. They attend New Life Baptist Church in New Wilmington, Pa.

Marcus is an active member in the Association of Iron and Steel, The Iron and Steel Society, A Senior Fellow of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association, The Heritage Foundation, The NRA, Mercer County Federation of Sportsman, Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s clubs, .and Pardoe Sportsmen’s Association.

Marcus never considered getting involved politically until recently because of the rampant corruption of politicians at all levels and the socialist/globalist take- over of the Federal government. With the non-representation of the American people, the blatant lying of government officials, and the tyrannical global socialist agenda being forced on the American people, it was time to act. Marcus actively participated in many Tea Parties and confronted many politicians in Pennsylvania only to see our activism ignored.

Being a Registered Republican and watching the dismal performance and lack of commitment to social and fiscal Conservatism, Marcus has decided to leave political parties that don’t truly represent the American people and join the Conservative movement across America in the hopes of regaining our Heritage and Pride.

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