Candidate’s Pledge

Conservative Party (Pennsylvania) Pledge
For Local, State and Federal Elected Office
I (Candidate) hereby agree to adhere to the following stipulations in order to gain the endorsement of and/or support from the Conservative Party (Pennsylvania), hereinafter referred to as PARTY.

As a Candidate for elected Office, I pledge to:

1. Hold any combination of elected Federal offices for a maximum of 18 years, consecutive or otherwise, but not exceeding three (3) terms (18 years) in the U.S. Senate and four (4) terms (8 years) for the U.S. House after which I will resign and not seek re-election to those offices.

2. Agree to limit my maximum term in office to 20 years for any combination of local, state or federal elected offices.

3. Make my legislative schedule public at all times via the internet and provide explanation of any missed votes.

4. Report to my constituency and the PARTY monthly on the progress of my legislative initiatives and the reasons for all my votes or rulings.

5. Accept funds or contributions only from individual US citizens and PAC’s or corporations or groups specifically approved by the PARTY. I will immediately disclose all contributions/donations to my PAC for review by the PARTY within 48 hours of receipt. If deemed not acceptable, all such funds will be returned to the contributors with explanation. I further pledge to post all donations on my website.

6. Be fully transparent in disclosing all my activities concerning Gerrymandering.

7. Disclose immediately when any of my personal investments could benefit from any pending legislation on which I will vote and outline any potential conflicts of interest.

8. Not develop or support any legislation that contains language on spending for budget items unrelated to that specific Bill (“Riders”).

9. Not support or submit any off-budget Earmarks. I further pledge to publically expose all Earmarks and those Legislators who submit them.

10. Promote and support fiscal responsibility for Federal and State governments, a Federal and State Balanced Budget Amendment and a Presidential Line Item Veto.

11. Consistently vote to defund, or vote against appropriating any money for, any federal program or activity not specifically authorized by an enumerated power in the United States Constitution. I further pledge to provide the specific constitutionally enumerated power for any federal program or spending activity for which I do vote to enact.

12. Have Town Hall meetings as often as practical but not less than once a Calendar quarter (3 months) and/or Monthly Webinars.

13. Be evaluated for adhering to and supporting the PARTY Platform. A Report Card will be published based on overall voting record, attendance and voting frequency and missed votes.

14. Resign if the preponderance of public evidence indicates that I have committed sexual misconduct or promiscuity or adultery or repeated abuse of illicit drugs or alcohol. I further pledge to resign immediately if I am formally indicted for any felony.

As a signatory to this Pledge I understand that failure to comply with the provisions defined herein may result in the loss of PARTY endorsements and financial support.

Signed (Candidate)____________________________ Date________